A lot of online casino players don’t realise that most online casinos don’t develop their own games. The majority of the fantastic games which you enjoy are developed by software providers who specialise in producing casino games. Each developer is different and produces different styles of games. Some also operate poker and progressive jackpot networks which allow you to play for even bigger jackpots. All developers are different; here is a quick introduction to the developers behind the top casino games.

Top Online Casino Software Developers

1. Playtech

For well over a decade Playtech has been one of the leading casino software developers. A number of the top casinos use Playtech software and as a result can offer players a huge variety of games ranging from slots to live dealer games to classic arcade games.

Playtech regularly release new games and over recent years have seen considerable success with their line of Marvel superhero video slots. Each of these slots has a Marvel here as its central theme, such as the Incredibly Hulk or Iron Man. The best thing about these slots is that regardless of which casino you are playing at, all the games are linked to four progressive jackpots which regularly payout staggering amounts.

Poker fans often like Playtech powered casinos thanks to the iPoker network. This is the largest online poker network and it always has thousands of people online ready to play. Playtech is always looking for new ways to entertain players and you can be sure that Playtech casinos will always have the very latest in online casino technology.

2. Microgaming

Microgaming is one of the oldest casino software developers around. So far over 160 online casinos have decided to use Microgaming software. Casinos running on the Microgaming platform have access to over 600 different games and the library is always growing. Microgaming also run an impressive progressive jackpot network and so far they have paid out over €320 million.

Microgaming has a deal with DC Comics which has allowed it to develop a series of games based upon popular comic book characters. For instance they recently released a slot game based upon the popular Batman film ‘The Dark Knight’. Microgaming has also developed a complete range of casino games such as poker, blackjack and live dealer games.

One major advantage of Microgaming is that they offer flash versions of their games. This means that they can be played without the need to download additional software. Furthermore the games are available in 24 languages so can be enjoyed by gamblers throughout the world.

3. NetEnt

One of the newer casino developers around, NetEnt has quickly established a reputation as one of the leaders in the field. NetEnt does not have any deals with individual casinos; this means that they have been able to dedicate themselves to the development of the highest quality casino games.

NetEnt is set apart from its competition by focusing on creating aesthetically impressive games with extremely high quality 3D graphics. In order to make the gaming experience as engaging as possible, NetEnt also puts a large effort into sound effects and voice overs. As a result they have created a series of games which not only appeal to serious gamblers, but also to those looking for some casual casino play.

At present NetEnt supplies games to over 50 casinos, a number of which are available as mobile casinos. By using flash to develop the games, NetEnt has ensured that they can be enjoyed by a wide audience on almost any kind of device.

4. Cryptologic

Since the 1990s Cryptologic has developed more than 280 high quality casino games which have come to be used by some of the very best online casinos.

Like some of its rivals, Cryptologic has deals with both Marvel and DC Comics; this gives them the advantage of being able to produce branded slots without being restricted to one set of characters. As a result they have a number of successful games based upon a huge variety of popular comic book heroes.

Over the years Cryptologic has developed every kind of casino game imaginable ranging from multi-player games, to progressive jackpots, to slots to arcade games. A pioneering company from its outset, Cryptologic was one of the first to use 3D graphics in online casino gaming and the first to integrate live chat into their games. Thanks to this philosophy, players can be sure they are enjoying the most up-to-date technology available.

5. Realtime Gaming

Founded at the end of last decade, RealTimeGaming has shot to the top of the field as a developer of software for online casinos. They have established a reputation with casino operators for providing software which can easily be integrated into existing casinos and for providing games which are extremely reliable and feature fast gameplay.

Particularly impressive is the RealTimeGaming collection of slots. They all come with a wide variety of bonus features as well as very realistic graphics both of which keep the player interested. Furthermore, RealTimeGaming slots are known for having very generous payouts.

Hard-core gamblers will particularly enjoy the RealTimeGaming casino games. Fans of blackjack will enjoy being able to play nearly 1000 hands per hour, a significant amount more than other developers’ blackjack games.

6. 888

No online casino, with the exception of 888, develops its own games. However, at 888 everything is done in house. This means that they have control over every aspect of the casino and can provide players with a unique set of high quality games.

888 have deals with a number of television production companies and have licenses to produce games based upon popular TV programmes such as the X-Factor and The Price is Right. They also signed a deal with Hasbo which lead to the creation of Monopoly and Cluedo casino games.

Because 888 develop everything for its casino it can provide a unified experience unavailable at other casinos.

7. Rival Gaming

Rival are one of very few companies that will develop bespoke solutions for individual casinos and in just a few years over 40 respected casinos have begun to make use of its software. So far Rival has created over 100 completely unique casino games and they regularly release more.

Also unique to Rival is its iSlots range, interactive slot machines. These slots were immediately popular with the online gambling community and titles such as Hole in Won and Rock On still continue to go from strength to strength. More recently Rival has also begun developing 3D games.

The advantage casino have when using Rival is that all the software will be custom developed, this means that the casino can be sure it is offering you an experience that isn’t available anywhere else. Each custom made game tends to incorporate some new idea which means that players are nearly always in for a surprise.

8. BetSoft

Many people think that BetSoft produce the best 3D slots available today. While they have a much smaller library than some other developers (just over 100 games), the games have such impressive graphics that they are beginning to set a new industry standard for visual gameplay.

However, BetSoft haven’t relied upon impressive graphics, all their games contain multiple innovations and many have been truly pioneering. It is normal to hear the graphics in BetSoft games being compared to those in animated films; players should expect nothing less full HD visuals which truly take the breath away.

Most recently BetSoft has developed a casino management platform which allows more casinos to quickly and easily integrate the games. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising to see BetSoft games appearing at more and more online casinos.

9. SkillOnNet

When creating their platform SkillOnNet made sure that it was one of the most flexible available and as such it makes it easy for casinos to update their games and adapt according to customer demand. Central to SkillOnNet’s philosophy is user experience and they utilise all the latest techniques to ensure that their games are extremely user-friendly whilst still being innovative.

SkillOnNet started by creating the world’s biggest P2P backgammon network. From there they went on to design over 50 high quality games covering the full casino game. Thanks to their experience running huge P2P networks, SkillOnNet is an excellent platform for running multiplayer games and tournaments.

Over the last few years SkillOnNet has managed to develop an impressive number of games which has lead to them being adopted as the sole provider for a number of casinos. Those who enjoy large multiplayer games and tournaments are sure to enjoy any casino powered by SkillOnNet.